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womb sanctum
hosted by chantelle of soluna medicines and melodie of sacred vessel
A day of feminine connection, artistic expression, herbal education, wisdom sharing. 
me as you are, with all you are.

✾ saturday, may 18 ✾ 11am - 7pm  ✾ oxford MA
 an intimate space of up to 12 women ages 18+ 


Calling in the woman on the path of devotion to body-based living and pu$$y power. Calling in those who wish to feel their womb space as open, soft, and flowing with wisdom. Let us learn, explore, connect, and create art together. We invite in the medicine women, sensual artists, loving witches, wild goddesses, and earth creatures seeking to sit in circle amongst wise and loving sisters. 

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Ages 18+ with all types of womb connections welcome.. bleeding, not bleeding, on hormonal birth control or not, with children, without etc.

Non-binary persons with a womb seeking to explore their feminine side for the day are welcome. We will be using she/her in conversation and in song throughout the circle.

Capacity of 12 participants. You must register in advance via the website <3


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11am - 1pm : Opening circle with prayer, trance, and song. We greet the womb and yoni. Melodie will be guiding an herbal womb massage in the Mayan tradition. Clothing is optional throughout the day and our various explorations.


1pm - 5pm  : The space will be set up to have “stations” where you can interact with different parts of the self, elements of womanhood, and the yoni at your own pace and in your own flow. Chantelle & Melodie will be present to guide you and support you as needed. There will be yummy snacks made available throughout the experience. We will have either an indoor or outdoor fire going all day depending on weather.


Each station will include an activity and will explore a facet of womanhood. These are intended to guide you into deeper reflection and aspects of self. Conversation with others is welcome and optional. You may choose to stay with yourself as often as you like. 


The Womb Sanctum stations are as follows :

Yoni steaming : We will have a space set up in the soluna temple space with herbs for yoni steaming. You will be oriented to the experience & how to steam.


Yoni portrait : Clay, watercolors, acrylics, canvases, stickers, tape, found object will all be out for you to create a self-portrait of your yoni or womb space. Whatever that means to you. We will have a polaroid camera available for those who wish to take photos of their yoni.


Tea lounge : Chan’s living room will be transformed into a soft, cozy, tea lounge. We vision this a space for meditation, journaling, and slow conversation. There will be teas chosen to support yoni and womb health. You will be oriented to all herbal information.


Yoni mirror gazing : Set up in a private, calm space in the home you are welcome to spend time gazing and getting to know your yoni. The yoni gazing portal will be set up as a solo experience with one person gazing at a time.


Flower crown station : We will have a space adorned with gorgeous foraged and bought flowers for you to craft a flower crown.


5 - 5:45 : Dinner and connecting. Dinner is included and will have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. (Please reach out to Chantelle or Melodie if you have food allergies we should know about)


5:45 - 7 : Closing circle to integrate the day and share our art!




➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳


  • Your spot amongst a group of like-minded women

  • All art materials 

  • Herbal experiences including herbs and education

  • Professional guidance

  • Snacks throughout the day

  • A healthy, organic homemade vegetarian / vegan dinner

The Womb Sanctum Immersion Day is one payment of $350.



Note from Chantelle of soluna medicines : There are 2 50% off BIPOC spots available. This spot is for you if you are a person of color or first-generation american who feels your culture, ethnicity, and/or race is underrepresented in new age spiritual community. As a first-generation latina ensuring people of color know they are completely welcome at any soluna medicines and affiliates events is super important to me. Email sharing what group you belong to that is underrepresented in the spiritual community and I will send you the 50% off coupon code. <3

BIPOC spots are first come, first serve.

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You will receive an email one week before our gathering with any simple household items to bring (think a journal and a towel) and with the exact address.

If you have any questions about this experience please don't hesitate to message Chantelle or Melodie on social media. You may also email

It's going to be absolute MAGICK!

With loving hearts (and yonis),

Chantelle & Melodie

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NOTE : There is a cat and a dog in the home. Both can be kept outside or away from participants with allergies. The home is deep cleaned before arrival.

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[ all participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the soluna medicines refund policy. please read through our refund and transfer policy at ]

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