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Women's Nude Body Painting Retreat


Saturday, September 23
11am - 8pm | Oxford MA

Calling in women learning radical self-love and true freedom. We call forth she who craves to be seen exactly as she is. She who loves to create and experience beauty. We invite in the curious artists, wild witches, earth creatures, and open-hearted priestesses. We invite you in with your excitement, hesitation, joy, anxieties, wonder, and all else that pulses through you in choosing to join us. This is a radical and revolutionary creative space. Come as you are, with all you are.

Join us for our next nude body painting experience! A safe, creative, ritual space to explore nudity, artistry, connect with community, and be witnessed in your fullness. This is a true sensory immersion -- all 6 senses will have a chance to be explored throughout the day. We have fun and we go deep. The Nude Body Painting is a balancing space to share in collaborative art + community connection while having the space held in a way that you can also explore your personal internal process. 

​[[ Photos are only ever shared after editing and with full consent of all individuals in photos. For more information on photos please read on! ]]


Retreat Outline

After signing up look out for the welcome email one week before we meet. The welcome email orients you to the space, shares what to bring, and more!

10:45 - 11am : As you arrive you are welcome into the temple space with a shamanic energy cleanse offered by Chantelle. One by one each woman sits by the alter and receives an individualized energy healing practice supported by smoke cleansing, gentle touch, and sound. Mutual consent is upheld in this practice.

11:30am : Once everyone has been cleansed we open circle. Opening circle includes space to share fears, excitements, and intentions. We go over consent and safety guidelines, the schedule, and more. We begin the day with a gorgeous ~ surprise ~ collaborative art activities, group song, and more.

12:30pm : Guided nude body painting. During this time Chantelle is offering more energy healing and therapeutic conversation for those needing support with grounding, comfort, or anything else that needs tending in your emotional body.

2:30pm : Flower alter creation + body gazing. Sharing stories, circling, + singing song together. Intuitive flow & art time.

3:30pm : Photoshoot guided by Coco. You receive solo shots and we do group shots on polaroid and on Chantelle's phone. You will get to take home 3 solo shots and 2 - 5 group shots of your choice. All non-polaroid photos are taken on Chantelle's phone. No other phones are allowed in the space.

4:30pm : Reflection time. Winding down. Body cleaning. Dinner is served.

5:30pm : Special guest shares their gift. At every retreat we invite a community member to hold space for an hour sharing their gift. In the past we had a DJ'd ecstatic dance, a song writing workshop, sound healing session, and a guided song circle. This will likely be musical in nature but could be anything.

6:30pm : Closing circle. Integrating the day, final words / prayers.

8pm : You go home with a new sense of love for the self, connection to others, and comfort in your body.


Scroll to the bottom of this page for more photos and to read testimonials from previous attendees


The space we share can be sensual.. it is never sexual. The sensual, deep, creative woman you are is fully welcome.

"Nude body painting" can mean as much clothes off as you desire. Nudity is welcome.. underwear on is welcome.. tanktop and shorts is welcome.. YOUR comfort is the priority.

It is normal to experience some fear, anxiety, wonder, or discomfort before joining and during this experience. The retreat is so not how our culture and society has taught us to be together! What a brave edge to explore together! Your worries or excitements are fully welcome. Come as you are.

You get to take home : 3-6 polaroid photos, a canvas that is painted throughout the evening, new thoughts around feeling comfortable in your body.. nudity in groups.. what others see in you.. new eyes for the beauty and diversity of others.. and more 

Open to ages 18-99+. Womb carriers of all capacities welcome : cis, queer, nonbinary and comfortable using she/her.


Pricing : All art materials, individualized shamanic healing, polaroid photos, other art you'll create in the space (some you get to take home), professional guidance, special guest space holder, snacks throughout the day, and a healthy, organic homemade vegetarian / vegan dinner is $295.

Limited to 12 participants. Once you send in payment you are registered and ready to go!

You will receive an email one week before our gathering with any simple household items to bring (think a mug and a towel) and with the exact address.

If you have any questions about this experience please don't hesitate email <3

It's going to be absolute MAGICK!

See you so soon!

With a loving heart,
Chantelle & Coco

[ all participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the soluna medicines refund policy. please read through our refund and transfer policy here. ]


"I came to the nude body painting retreat to explore my body, body image, and gain a greater comfort level in my own skin without s3x being a part of the story. I also wanted to work on healing the sisterhood wounds I struggled with such as jealousy and judgement of bodies that did not look my own. I came to the retreat because I had been hiding for a long time. Chantelle and Coco created a safe container for exploring this wounds and challenges. I have never felt more safe with a retreat leader and that is saying something as I have been to many a retreat! The experience was so natural and freeing. I learned about the importance of consent - for others and myself. I came away with a resounding love of this temple that is my body. I also came away with a newfound appreciation for myself as an artist and the body as a canvas. As a mother of 2 girls, I walked away feeling empowered to shepherd them into a healthier upbringing than I had. It was a beautiful experience - life defining. I cannot express my gratitude enough!"

Dom R


"After taking time to reflect on our adventures together, I am met with a smile and a grounded sense of calm confidence. Reviewing the photos which perfectly encapsulate the liberation and connection experienced between us has been so empowering. :-) When walking into the space, I initially approached with such apprehension around fear of being seen in such a raw, authentic, and honest way. However, the calm energetic support offered by Chan and Coco, facilitated an immediate sense of community and oneness. It was not just in the painting of our beautiful bodies, but the removal of the paint, That I recognized I was scrubbing away layers of indoctrinated, patriarchal shame. I have left this group truly feeling like I have nine new deities in my circle of respect and trust. 

Please remember, the individual spark of life that each of you contributed to that circle allowed for a burning flame that will reside within my spirit throughout my life. :) " 

Joy H


"I found Chan through a mutual friend on Instagram who also had attended a nude woman’s body painting retreat. I was instantly intrigued. My first experience at Chans house was the kambo ceremony a few months ago. I have use plant medicine but never in a ritualistic group setting. It was an amazing experience and life-changing. Chan holds such a safe supportive magical space that I couldn’t wait to come back. The energy of her space. Singing music cleansing the respect honor and gratefulness to the indigenous tribes where this medicine originated from it was all so powerfully special. When I saw Chan was hosting l a women’s nude body painting retreat I felt called to join immediately. It was magic. To see all these beautiful women just loving themselves and loving one another basking in the beauty of one another. It was amazing. So empowering natural beautiful. I might just use the word blissful."

Sara A


"This was my first woman’s nude painting event and let me just say - WOW! It was truly incredible. It embodied everything that is sisterhood, unity, love and feeling so comfortable and safe with one another. From painting our bodies together, to dancing and singing in group. It was pure magick! What a beautiful beautiful event. Thank you so much Chan and Coco!!:)"

Gina C

"It was so wonderful stepping out of my comfort zone and being held by such beautiful, empowering women! Thank you for this life changing experience! I am so so grateful for sisterhood!"

Keelia R


"The woman's nude body painting night was such a transformative and beautiful experience for me. Chantelle and Coco created such a safe space for all of us that it felt like I was just hanging out with a group of close friends even though I had not met any of them before. I felt so free to create, be me and just have fun in a space that held me and cultivated support/enthusiasm for one another! Thank you so much ya'll!"

Forest R

"I feel so honored and rejuvenated after attending the Nude Painting event. Chan is an incredible channel and holder of sacred space. She is a torch bearer and knows how to keep the flames of the feminine ablaze. I feel nourished to have basked in the glory of so many goddesses! A big thank you to Coco for holding the divine inspiration and flow of creativity. Through your eyes we were all beautifully seen and celebrated!

I so appreciate you.

Thank you, thank you!"

Jaclynn M "DJ Faebae"


"Many folks may not understand why someone would ever want to participate in a nude body painting retreat. My own husband thought it was very strange. But I felt called to this experience. I wanted to test the boundaries of my own self love, and I know in moments of discomfort there are opportunities for such incredible growth. The environment that Chantelle and Coco created for us felt so safe and welcoming, it was such a relief to be able to let my guard down and just be. It was liberating, and exhilarating to lay out in a bed of beautiful fall leaves and be witnessed in all my feminine glory. I was able to release the anxiety I have felt leading up to the event, and be truly present. I felt no guilt or shame. This experience has made me realize that if I can be this vulnerable with a bunch of strangers I just met, then the possibilities of what I can accomplish are truly endless. I'm so grateful for this experience, for the folks who showed up with open hearts, but most of all I'm grateful that I was able to give this gift to myself when I really needed it."

Kat B

"I came to naked body painting to be present and grounded in a safe experience for my body, where I could feel beautiful and whole in myself. This experience was exactly what I was looking for. Chantelle and Coco created a thoughtful, meaningful, and joyful whole-day retreat that allowed me to feel safe and free."

Jaime M

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