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refund & transfer policy

At soluna medicines, we want to offer our community members the most loving, heart-opening experience possible. That’s why we believe our refund policy to be fair, clear, and transparent. Read about them below, and contact us with questions.

All persons working with soluna medicines are responsible for being aware of our refund policy before they commit to any event or experience.

There are NO refunds and NO full transfers at soluna medicines. There are ONLY partial transfers of your investment for events that qualify. This is a small business run by a single woman and a small team. Every dollar goes into the continue ability to offer healing space in this way. Thank you for your investment in this work and thank you for understanding.

When you "transfer" your payments you receive a credit with soluna medicines that can be applied to any future event.

Any circle or event where you invested less than $80 : There are no refunds and no transfers available. For women's circles, cacao ceremonies, holiday circles, and ecstatic dances where you donated more than $80 you are able to transfer any payments after $80. Meaning if you sent in $100 as your donation you can transfer $20 to the next soluna medicines event you chose to participate in. You could then come to the next circle for $20 "off" since you have the credit.

Kambo : There are no refunds available. If you need to change session dates within 5 days notice -- 120 hours before your session start time -- then there is NO session date change fee! If you cancel within 5 days of your session then there is a $50 rescheduling fee. This is due to high demand for this work and being booked out with clients. Please make sure to commit to your session.

Women's nude body painting : There are no refunds available. If you can not make the event and let us know within a week -- 168 hours before start time -- of when we meet there is a $50 fee. The remainder of any payments you sent in can be transferred to any other event you chose to participate in at a future date. If you can not make the event and let us know within the 7 days before the event -- 168 hours before start time -- then NONE of your payments are refundable and NONE of your payment can be applied to a soluna medicines credit. YOU MAY sell your ticket to the retreat privately and have that person take your place. There is a $50 ticket transfer fee to be paid by the original ticket holder.

Coaching : No refunds on any payments. You can change session dates freely at no penalty to you.

Other experiences : No refunds on any payments. Please check the information on that specific events page for more information.

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