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about soluna medicines

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soluna translates to sunmoon in Spanish. soluna stands as a symbol of connection to Latin American indigenous wisdom and the ever present universal symbols of light -- the sun-- and dark -- the moon -- within human history. Whether you join a soluna space for a retreat, ceremony, circle, art performance, or party.. it is all medicine. Together we are returning to an all inclusive spiritual wholeness that welcomes our need to grieve, to celebrate, to create, to connect with nature, to know others, and to be known. We welcome all who are seeking freedom and harmony for the self and for all. We welcome the creative, revolutionary beings that want to participate in shifting our culture towards higher wellness and quality of life for all.

soluna medicines came to life in the woods of Western MA in 2021 by Chantelle Castaño. soluna medicines is a community space for all who seek to explore art, earth based spirituality, health, and self-actualization. It is my hope to invite your full self forward into spaces that are conscious, ritual focused, well held, and real. soluna medicines specializes in offering spaces where you can practice holistic wellness as an individual and amongst community. The soluna medicines path is focused on wellness through herbalism, artistic experiences, interpersonal healing, and ceremony.


soluna medicines offers holistic artists retreat, women's circles, plant medicine ceremonies, and creative workshops. we also have a podcast which emphasis voices of others who live by the aforementioned life philosophies.


soluna medicines at it's core is an in-person community based network.. we hope to see you. please check out for a cohesive list of upcoming offerings.


With hope and trust,

Chantelle of soluna medicines


Meet Your Guide

Hello, sweet one. I’m Chantelle—friends call me Chan. I am a spiritual and emotional well-being teacher, medicine woman, and multimedia artist. Under the name soluna medicines I host retreats, mentorships, celebrations, artists experiences, kambo and plant medicine ceremonies, and a podcast. I consider myself a shepherd of the dawn. I find all who chose to engage with soluna medicines work to also be stewarding the new earth and remembering the old ways. I walk the Beauty way.. carrying teachings from time spent in Buddhist monasteries, kirtan trainings, gathering teachings while backpacking Peru - Mexico - Thailand - Nepal -- Colombia -- Costa Rica+, bio-regional herbalism apprenticeships, 1:1 work with medicine mentors, and more. I also hold a degree in Psychological & Brain Sciences from Boston University.  In the summer of 2021 I completed an apprenticeship with ayahuasca where I helped facilitate over a dozen ceremonies, brew the medicine, learn how to sing & work healings in ceremony. I walk life devoted to love. I am always learning how to allow change, enjoy life, open my heart, follow my dharma, and play my role in healing my ancestry -- kind of like you.

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