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a mind, body, spirit purification

welcome to the world of kambo

You can schedule private 1:1 or group sessions. You may also join a discounted group ceremony held monthly. Please read through this page for all relevant information.


Community Kambo ceremonies are held monthly.


Kambo is a frog medicine that supports the health of your mental, physical, and spiritual body. The phyllomedusa bicolor (scientific name) is considered a cure all amongst the indigenous Amazonian tribes that work with this medicine.

Kambo is an ally for healing and clearing man, many things from the mind, body, and spirit. The list includes : lymes disease, seasonal allergies, mold or overgrowth of fungus in the body, infections, confusion or lack of direction, parasites in the body, "evil eye", heartbreak, grief, depression, anxiety, trapped rage or trauma in the body, clearing blood & pain in reproductive organs after miscarriage or abortion.. the list goes on. These claims are supported by ancestral knowledge and scientific understanding.

There is much to learn about kambo. This blurb is but a short introduction. Please continue doing research (some resources listed below). Each medicine carriers values and style of serving is different. In short : As kambo practitioners in the west we receive kambo medicine from Amazonian shamans, rehydrate the secretion with saliva, and apply the rehydrated poison to small burns we make on your skin. The medicine then enters your blood stream. * always ask your practitioner about the ethics of their medicine sourcing and where /how they were trained. We must seek to be in good relationship to the frog and indigenous persons to preserve these traditions. *

Once you are served kambo the active part of ceremony is between 20 - 35 minutes. Your body goes through a purification process. Most often you purge in one, two, or all of these ways : vomiting, bowel movement, crying, shaking, sweating, vocalizing. In your purging process you are releasing penema (indigenous word for stuck spiritual energy), toxins, disease, discomfort, trauma, and more from the body.

Most modern people find the idea of a kambo ceremony scary, odd, or wonder why they would ever do that. That's normal and there is no shame in thinking so. AND Kambo is a wonderful friend to helping us build a relationship to our fear, pain, body, and energy field. Many of us in the west are in deep need of help healing. Kambo is not for everyone. There are many pathways to healing. Kambo is for those that feel the pull to the peculiar ways of the Earth. Kambo is for those on a holistic health path. Kambo is not for the fearless.. kambo is for those who are learning to know & respect their fear... and are ready to purify their bodies, mind, and spirit with the help of an Earth medicine.

If you are on this page then you have expressed interest in sitting with kambo. Please feel free to explore my website to learn more about me (Chantelle) or my other offerings.


Learn more about kambo : Alongside with the short intro above and talking more with me (Chantelle) if you have any questions... I highly recommend research to learn about kambo. Learn from various view points. Know that each practitioner practices in a unique way and from a unique lineage. Below are some good starting points to learn more about kambo.

clinical journal

When you are ready to sit with kambo...

To make sure we are safe and have the best experience possible in our container together please read through the entirety of this page. I look forward to sharing the frog medicine with you!


Please email Chantelle at with all questions you may have.

Booking A Private Kambo Session

Before booking a private kambo session please read the list of contraindications found on this page and confirm that you are physically able to work with kambo.

Please scroll to the following section if you are looking to register for our community kambo ceremony.

Who will be there? I offer private and community group ceremonies. Private ceremonies can be 1:1 or you may gather a small group. If you gather a small group up to 6 participants are welcome. There may be an assistant present depending on group size. Community kambo days there will be up to 6 participants, 2 assistants, and Chantelle as the lead facilitator. 


How long is ceremony? Baseline the active kambo portion of ceremony takes about an hour.. then add integrative talking before and after, plus rest time before driving home. Plan to be at my home for about 2.5 hours for one person.. adding about 45 minutes per additional person that joins.


Address : Oxford MA. Exact address disclosed via email 24 hours before your booked session.

What is the rate for private kambo sessions? 

Each session is help at my home in Oxford MA. If you prefer I drive to you it is an additional $50 per hour I drive to your home. This is almost always an option!

Thank you for the trust! I look forward to our time together.


[ All participants are responsible for being aware of soluna medicines refund and transfer policy. Please read through the soluna medicines refund and transfer policy here. ]

Joining A Community Kambo Ceremony

Before joining a community kambo ceremony please read the list of contraindications found on this page and confirm that you are physically able to work with kambo.

Please scroll to the above section if you are looking to register for private 1:1 or small group kambo sessions.

What is a CKC? soluna medicines offers a monthly Community Kambo Ceremony where you are invited to work with kambo in a group of like-minded individuals at a discounted, sliding scale price -- the CKC sliding scale price starts at about 30% off the private session rate. Here is an offering that exists to make kambo more accessible to first time kambo users, long term kambo warriors, and all who enjoy the atmosphere of a group ceremony. We open ceremony with introductions, intention setting, prayer, sananga offering, and hapeh offering. After opening our circle we transition into kambo. We close the ceremony with prayer and an integrative sharing circle. Sananga & hapeh are fully optional. If you are unfamiliar with these sacred medicines.. they will be explained day of. There is space to rest and recoup. Cushions, yoga mats, and blankets will be set up in the temple space. Active ceremony runs from 8:15am - 11:30am. This is also a potluck style event! Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish or snack to share. Community hangs and lunch is over around 1 / 1:30pm when everyone packs up and heads home.

Who will be there? There will be up to 8 participants, 2 assistants, and Chantelle as the lead facilitator. All genders welcome. Ages 18-65 welcome.


Address : Oxford MA. Exact address disclosed via email or messages once deposit is received.

What is the rate for community kambo?

We offer a sliding scale with 3 tiers.

Thank you for the trust! I look forward to sharing space with you.

[ All participants are responsible for being aware of soluna medicines refund and transfer policy. Please read through the soluna medicines refund and transfer policy here. ]


Please read through this list before we move forward with either private or community kambo sessions. If you work with any of these contraindications I will likely not serve you Kambo. Kambo could then make your physical symptoms worse or harm your body. Every practioner is different.. this is not a hard, definite list. It is for your own safety you inform me if you work with any of these contraindications.

• Heart disease including high or low blood pressure

• Current or history of blood clots

• Addison’s Disease

• Esophageal Veresus

• Pancreatitis

• Those taking Immune Suppressors or recently had an organ transplant

• Those who have had a recent major surgery

• Those undergoing Chemo or Radiation within 1-3 months

• Those who are or could be pregnant 

• Epilepsy

• Gallstones

• Schizophrenia

• Gastric Bypass

• COVID-19 : Please be at least 2 weeks post recovery of covid before sitting with kambo

Note : I will serve women / womb carriers while they are menstruating. Kambo can cause more blood flow, mild contractions, and have other effects on your cycle or sex organs. Speak with me directly if you will be bleeding the day of our session. Sessions while bleeding can be very deep and I want to be sure we touch base so you are comfortable and prepared. <3

Things to mention : The following list does not automatically make you ineligible to work with kambo.. however it is important that we discuss anything relevant.

  • Have you ever worked with Kambo before?

  • Will you be on your Moon Cycle during our scheduled session?

  • Do you have a history of strokes or seizures?

  • Do you have a history of fainting?

  • Do you have any fears around working with kambo?

  • Do you have allergies? Epipen? Inhaler/asthma?

  • Do you work regularly with any supplements.. herbal included?

  • Are you on any medications or birth control?

  • Do you work with any recreational drugs (including alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana)?

  • Are you nursing a baby under 6 months old?

  • Are you undergoing fertility treatments?

  • Are you taking birth control pills?

About Arrival & The Home

Please bring to session :

  • a reusable water bottle

  • comfortable clothing

  • a change of clothes just in case

  • a floor cushion or back jack

  • a cozy blanket

  • Optional : a sacred item, journal & pen

Animals : Please leave all animals at home. In my home there is both a cat and a young dog. They will likely both be outside (weather permitting) for the majority of ceremony.

Parking : You may park directly in my driveway or along the street. You'll enter through the mudroom which is the door closest to the shed on the left. Please take your shoes off in the mudroom. Ceremony is a no phone space! So leave it in the car or in your bag when you come in. You are welcome to use it as soon as all participants are through purging.

How to prepare for Kambo

How to Prepare To Sit With The Frog:

• We want to show up ready for spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing. This means : thoughtfully take care of yourself (always! but) 3 days before kambo and 3 days after. Practice self-care. Schedule an appointment with your therapist or mentor. Cook meals that are nourishing. Spend less time on your phone or online. Give yourself the gift of care to get the most of your experience!

• Suggested dieta for kambo.. [[ this is not necessary but can be supportive to your experience and getting the most out of your time with the frog ]] : ease up on heavy foods the 3 days before and at least the day after kambo. Less oil, less meat, less sugar, less caffeine, less dairy. If you're a foodie (no worries -- me too).. perhaps lighter meals. Think : I want to show up light and already feeling physically cleaner than usual.

  • Please eat a full, nourishing meal the night before kambo. You want to show up to session feeling strong and ready.

• NO FOOD within 8-12 hours of your Kambo Session. Come to our session with a clear body! This is REALLY important and can be DANGEROUS if not adhered to. Having food in your system can also cause pain when purging. Only water the morning of ceremony. Coming with an empty stomach is essential. Eating 8 hours beforehand is the minimum amount of time I will allow and still serve.

  • No sweat lodges the week before. No water fasting, enemas, or colonics 3 days before or after. No hot tubs or saunas 1 day before or after. This may exhaust you and release too much essential electrolytes, nutrients from the body when combined with a kambo session.

Private sessions : You are welcome to bring some fruit or a light, dieta friendly lunch with you to eat after or on your way home. Your body will be craving nourishment.

Community kambo day : This is a potluck. Please bring a dieta friendly (see above) food or a snack to share. Thank you! <3

• DO NOT take any medication (including herbal or holistic) the day of your kambo treatment. Any supplements and medications can be taken after your session.

• No caffeine the day of your kambo session... I repeat 0 caffeine the day of your kambo session​. NO alcohol the 3 days before and after our kambo session. No marijuana the day before and day after our kambo session.

• If you have allergies or any other health concerns you are expected to communicate this to me BEFORE you come for your session. You should be prepared for an emergency and have your Epipen, Inhaler or Emergency Medications with you if you use any of those.

• If you are sick, please wait until you feel better to schedule your session! Kambo can make the body work hard and if you are already weakened it is not a good time to sit with the medicine.

• It is a good idea for mothers who are breastfeeding to have pre-pumped milk to allow yourself time to rest when you return to your children and to allow any toxins to continue to flush out of your system before feeding again.

  • After care : I recommended to have the rest of your day or majority of the day to relax.

• Get excited and feel hopeful about your healing journey with kambo. He is an ubelievable gift from mother earth! Honor the frog and he will honor you. Please reach out with any questions whats so ever . See you soon!

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