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a mind, body, spirit purification

welcome to the world of kambo

Whether you've sat many times or you are thinking of sitting for the first time.. you now have a relationship with kambo that is always growing and evolving. Before your first or next sit you may feel a strong curiosity, you may dream of frogs or purging, people may randomly talk about frogs + kambo a lot. You will notice a personal need to release emotions, heal your body, and/or fun universal nudges. Most people feel just as much excitement as they feel nerves before they sit -- newbies and experienced ceremonialists alike. Kambo is a master healer, a friend, and a teacher.. supporting us in the way we need.  Kambo is here for you. I am here (Chantelle) holding the soluna medicines altar with as much respect and care towards the frog, indigenous persons of the amazon traditions, and you as I can hold in my heart. Thanks for being here on your personal path and inviting us onto your sacred self-actualization journey. Read on to learn more about kambo and schedule a sit.

Please read through kambo FAQ page if you have questions about contraindications, feeling nerves before your first sit, breastfeeding, what ceremony is like, preparing for ceremony, integrating ceremony.. and more. Click here to view our FAQ page.


Intro to Kambo

Kambo is a frog medicine that supports the health of your mental, physical, and spiritual body. The phyllomedusa bicolor (scientific name) is considered a cure all amongst the indigenous Amazonian tribes that work with this medicine.

Kambo is an ally for healing and clearing man, many things from the mind, body, and spirit. The list includes : lymes disease, seasonal allergies, mold or overgrowth of fungus in the body, infections, confusion or lack of direction, parasites in the body, "evil eye", heartbreak, grief, depression, anxiety, trapped rage or trauma in the body, clearing blood & pain in reproductive organs after miscarriage or abortion.. the list goes on. These claims are supported by ancestral knowledge and scientific understanding.

There is much to learn about kambo. This blurb is but a short introduction. Please continue doing research (some resources listed below). Each medicine carriers values and style of serving is different. In short : As kambo practitioners in the west we receive kambo medicine from Amazonian shamans, rehydrate the secretion with saliva, and apply the rehydrated poison to surface level burns we make on your skin. The medicine then enters your blood stream. * always ask your practitioner about the ethics of their medicine sourcing and where / how they were trained. We must seek to be in good relationship to the frog and indigenous persons to preserve these traditions. *

Once you are served kambo the active part of ceremony is (on average) between 20 - 35 minutes. Your body goes through a purification process. Most often you purge in one, two, or all of these ways : vomiting, bowel movement, crying, shaking, sweating, vocalizing. In your purging process you are releasing penema (indigenous word for stuck spiritual energy), toxins, disease, discomfort, trauma, and more from the body.

Most modern people find the idea of a kambo ceremony scary, odd, or wonder why they would ever do that. That's normal and there is no shame in thinking so. AND Kambo is a wonderful friend to helping us build a relationship to our fear, pain, body, and energy field. Many of us in the west are in deep need of help healing. Kambo is not for everyone. There are many pathways to healing. Kambo is for those that feel the pull to the peculiar ways of the Earth. Kambo is for those on a holistic health path. Kambo is not for the fearless.. kambo is for those who are learning to know & respect their fear... and are ready to purify their bodies, mind, and spirit with the help of an Earth medicine.

If you are on this page then you have expressed interest in sitting with kambo. Please feel free to explore my website to learn more about me (Chantelle) or my other offerings.

Please read through kambo FAQ page if you have questions about contraindications, feeling nerves before your first sit, breastfeeding, what ceremony is like, preparing for ceremony, integrating ceremony.. and more. Click here to download our FAQ page.

Booking A Kambo Session

You can book either a private session for 1 - 5 people or join a community kambo ceremony. Community kambo ceremonies are discounted group ceremonies that are open to anyone from the public to register. Read on for more information and check out the Kambo Faq Page to learn even more.

Who will be there? I offer private and community group ceremonies. Private ceremonies can be 1:1 or you may gather a small group. If you gather a small group up to 5 participants are welcome. There may be an assistant present depending on group size. Community kambo ceremonies can hold between 6 - 10 participants depending on the space. These ceremonies are open to the public. Chantelle will act as the lead facilitator with assistants present depending on group size.


How long is ceremony? Baseline the active kambo portion of ceremony takes about an hour.. then add hapeh to open, sananga to close, integrative talking before and after, plus rest time. Private ceremonies you can plan to be at my home for 2-3 hours. Community ceremonies include time for a potluck and are usually 4 - 6 hours depending on the final group size.


Location : Private ceremonies are held in Oxford MA. Exact address disclosed via email 24 - 48 hours before your booked session. I am willing to drive up to 1.5 hours to serve medicine in your home. My driving rate is $75 per hour I drive there and back. Community kambo ceremonies are either at my home or an otherwise clearly stated location. Check scheduling to see what is available for registartion.

What is the rate for kambo sessions? It varies depending on group size for private sessions and location for public (community) sessions.

Thank you for the trust! I look forward to our time together.


[ All participants are responsible for being aware of soluna medicines refund and transfer policy. Please read through the soluna medicines refund and transfer policy here. ]

Animals and children : Please leave all animals and children at home. In my home there is both a cat and a young dog. They will likely both be outside (weather permitting) for the majority of ceremony. My house is deep cleaned before all sessions but please be aware of this if you have animal allergies. ANYWHERE I serve kambo to the public might have animals present. Please booth a private session at your home if this is a serious issue for you. 

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