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kambo ceremony

Chantelle at soluna medicines offers private and group kambo ceremonies. Kambo is the sacred frog medicine that helps clear penema (stuck spiritual energy), heal the body, ease the mind, and uplift the soul. Kambo is a purgative medicine that comes from the indigenous people of South America.

Open to all genders, ages 18+

plant medicine retreats

Chantelle occasionally invites a curandero (shamanic healer) from Colombian up to Massachusetts to offer all gender transformational plant medicine retreats. Invites are sent out upon request. Participation in these retreats is contingent on participants mental, spiritual, and physical ability to participate. There is an application process. Please reach out to receive more information!

Open to all genders, ages 18+

soluna women's circle

A monthly community gathering of up to 10 women where we share in song, prayer, ritual, and story.

women's nude body painting retreat

Come join us for our next nude body painting experience! A safe space to creating art with your human vessel, connect with community, and be witnessed in your glory. [[ held seasonally ]]

soluna medicines podcast

Conversations around spiritual growth, psychology, plant medicines, herbalism, art, the body, and more. search soluna medicines podcast on all major podcasting platforms. New episode weekly.

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soluna medicines is always evolving and expanding.. you can stay up to date on future events by submitting your email below or exploring soluna medicines on social media ( Instagram | Facebook )

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Chantelle of soluna medicines offers [all gender] plant medicine ceremonies, women's circles, creative healing retreats, herbal remedies, and more.

Based in Central MA

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