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you are invited to a private friends & family only kambo + bufo ceremony

Yay! As many of you know my friend & colombian taita Juan Pablo Correa is coming back to serve our people some gorgeous medicines in February. I'd like to gather a small group of friends and family to spend a day in prayer, connection, processing, and surrender with kambo & bufo.

learn about kambo :

learn about bufo : 

youtube video here

And as always.. you can only learn so much through research. If you feel the call then it is your choice to answer. As with all herbs, animals, and beings you have your own relationship to everything. Kambo & bufo are the same. Come forward in prayer, humility, open to receive blessings, ready to feel, and with a desire to learn to love and your experience will be exactly right. <3

If you choose to come we insist you work with both medicines so as to experience the fullness of bufo.. we must come open and ready to surrender. The body must be clean for this process to take place. If you'd like to work just with kambo please reach out to Chan anytime.

When? Monday, May 27, 2024 • 8:30am - 4pm

8:30 : Arrival & drop in, opening circle

9 : Kambo ceremony

10 - 11 : Rest & fast

11 - 2 : Bufo

2 - 4pm : Closing circle, rest & potluck.

If you need more time no one will be rushed out of my home, please clear your day.

We will be in flow with good, spacious, mindful timing.

Who? Chantelle will be serving kambo. Juan will be serving Bufo and assisted by Chan. Neither of them will be sitting with the medicines and will act purely as space holders. We may smoke some bufo to connect us to the space. This is a typical practice for all medicines and traditions that facilitators take atleast a small dose of the medicine. There is a limit of 8 participants but the group may not reach full capacity. Those invited forward are only friends / family of Chan, persons whom have sat with Chan before and  were an awesome addition to the ceremony, OR friends & family of someone Chan invited... always a trusted community member!

Where? Within 1.5 hours of Oxford MA (my home since Juan & I will be serving a lot of medicine the weekend right before). I kindly ask that someone who choses to join this experience offers their land or a close one's land. If that doesn't happen I will ask friends! Exact location will come together perfectly.

Why? To give community members a chance to commune with the extremely precious, loving gift that is bufo. We come together in the name of remembering the ancient ways. We come to this altar to pray. We come to let go. We come to listen and learn. We come for our self-realization, clearing of karma, and connection to the ancestors.

Integration call details : We will choose the day and time that works for everyone (or most) within 10 days of ceremony. The call will be 1.5 hours via zoom.

Pricing & register : For the full day & a post-ceremony group integration call led by Chan it is $350. We are offering this ceremony day exclusively for community members and the price reflects so.


Bufo itself is typically a $400-1000 experience, kambo a $150-500 experience. Thank you for seeing that we are accepting the minimum possible to still offer these medicines with respect for ourselves, you, the medicine collectors, and the medicines.

Please send the full payment of $350 or half payment of $175 to Chantelle via venmo @solunamedicines or send payment via zelle. If you choose to pay in 2 installments you may pay the remaining $175 by the Friday before ceremony (May 24th).

I love each person I'm inviting and I kindly ask you commit to this space if you register. I do not offer refunds as a soluna rule and will uphold that for this as well.. Juan has extended his space in the US to offer this ceremony and I want to make sure he is fairly compensated and cared for. Thanks for dancing between friendship and business with me :)

YAY! Please just send me your best email once you're in. SO happppppppyyy to organize this and have you each. REALLY excited to see what comes through. Yayayayaya

Hug. See you soon.



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